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Please read the following carefully before using the TableMark website (hereinafter called “our site”), and only use our site if you agree to these terms of use.
If you choose to use our site, you will be deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree these terms of use, we ask you to kindly refrain from using our site.


The rights (trademark rights, copyrights, rights based on the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, etc.) relating to the trademarks (trademarks and service marks) displayed on our site belong either to us or to the right(s) holder(s) who authorized their use to us. We therefore ask that you refrain from using them without permission.


  1. Careful consideration has been given to the information published on our site. However, we provide no warranty as to the completeness, accuracy, safety, usefulness, or otherwise of any information, programs, or services provided on our site, or of any other matters relating to our site.
    We also accept no liability for any losses resulting from software or hardware issues, from any problems that arise between users, or between users and third parties, or from any incidents resulting from the use of our site.
  2. We may change the content or address (URL) of our site without prior notice. Please be advised that the services on our site may be suspended or terminated in part or whole without prior notice. We accept no liability for any losses resulting from changes to our site or the suspension or termination of services.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction

Any disputes or other matters relating to our site will be construed according to the laws of Japan, whereby Japan's Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive competent court of first instance.

Linked sites

  1. The management of third party websites linked from our site or third-party sites that publish links to our site (hereinafter called “linked sites”) is the responsibility of the respective owner. Users should comply with the relevant terms of use when using linked sites. We accept no liability for the content of linked sites or any losses resulting from their use. We accept no liability for any losses resulting from software or hardware issues, from any problems that arise between users or between users and third parties, or from any incidents resulting from the use of our site.
  2. Permission is not required, in principle, to link to our site, but we may refuse to accept a link, either before or after the link has been set up, because of the content of the linked site (e.g. because it contravenes public order and morals) or how it is linked.

Proposing ideas

The views and opinions of our users are extremely valuable to us. However, we do not accept proposals from users such as for new products, techniques, designs, production methods, marketing, concepts, or product naming. Please be advised that we will not be able to consider or evaluate any proposal received from users.
Please also be advised that we do not accept any liability, for payment of consideration or otherwise, to any user who has sent us a proposal, even if the idea developed by us resembles in part or whole the proposal from the user. We accept no responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the details of proposals received.


Cookies are pieces of data stored on your computer's hard drive when visiting such pages, which identifies revisiting visitors and makes accessing contents more convenient for them. These cookies are only used to enhance the convenience of our website, and they will not be used so that it would allow individual identification.

1. Use of cookies

Like most websites you visit, also uses cookies to improve the user experience on both single and repeated visits to the website.

2. Cookie name (Google Analytics)

The Google Analytics cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors, number of visits for repeat visitors, where the visitors have come to the website from and the pages they have visited. We use Google Analytics to give us insights into how you interact with our website.

3. Cookie name (enable-cookies, home-visits)

The cookie is used to store if a user has accepted the cookie notification message on this website, and to detect if the user is first time visitor or repeated visitor.

4. To control cookies

You can control/delete cookies as you wish by changing your browser settings. You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer in order to manage cookies; most browsers allow you to accept or reject cookies or only accept certain types of cookies. However, be aware that if you do block cookies, some features of our website may not be available to you and some web pages may not display properly.

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