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Packed cooked rice

Making it easy to prepare and serve rice, the staple food of Japan.

“Packed cooked rice” tastes just like delicious, freshly cooked rice — just heat it up in the microwave! It can also be stored long-term at ambient temperature. In addition to high-quality rice, we use natural high-quality water to wash and cook it.

Ambient processed foods
Packed cooked rice

We use delicious water from Uonuma in Niigata Prefecture, one of the greatest rice-growing areas in Japan

The TableMark packed cooked rice manufacturing factory is located in the city of Uonuma, which lies at the foot of the “Echigo-Sanzan” (Three Mountains of Echigo) in Niigata Prefecture. Here, snowmelt from the mountains trickles into the ground where it is filtered, which results in soft water with few impurities. For TableMark packed cooked rice, we use delicious, natural, high-quality water from Uonuma across all of our production processes, from washing the rice to cooking the rice and more. Please enjoy rice cooked in the finest water available.

We use delicious water from Uonuma

Tray cooking results in shinier, more delicious rice

Rather than cooking the rice in a large pot and transferring it to individual trays, we cook the rice right inside the trays. Doing this results in plump, evenly cooked, and shiny rice.

we cook the rice right inside the trays

TableMark's original cooking method: A two-stage heating process

TableMark's original cooking method consists of two stages: pressure heating and steam cooking. This makes the cooked rice fluffy on the outside and springy on the inside.

A two-stage heating process

Stores well at ambient temperature: Convenient for stocking up

Packed cooked rice is ideal for stocking up because it can be stored at ambient temperature. It comes in handy when it's too much trouble to cook rice, or when there is not enough rice to cook.

Packed cooked rice is ideal for “Rolling Stock” in case of emergencies

“Rolling Stock” consists of having reliable, delicious, smart foods and ingredients used on a daily basis that are constantly replenished to prepare for emergencies. In the wake of a disaster, food shortages can continue to be an issue even after lifelines are restored. Packed cooked rice is our attempt to improve this situation. We hope to provide relief by enabling people to eat familiar foods. Thus, we recommend starting “Rolling Stock” now rather than stocking up during or after an emergency.

“Rolling Stock”

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