Food safety management

We have a rigorous quality and process control system based on the four priorities of food safety, food defense, food quality, and food communication.

FS / FD / FQ / FC

I. Food safety

We provide consumers with safe products from our factories operated with food safety management systems (e.g. FSSC22000), while conducting regular inspections to check the safety measures undertaken at each factory.

II. Food defense

We make efforts to ensure that food defense programs are established at our factories to protect our food products against the risk of intentional or accidental contamination.
These programs set and control risk management items that must be complied with from a management and security perspective.

III. Food quality

We make constant efforts to improve product quality and enhance consumers' satisfaction. We do this by looking at the entire food process, from product development to procurement of raw materials and manufacturing, based on inquiries from and opinions of consumers.

IV. Food communications

While earnestly listening to consumers' requests, we promote communication with consumers by providing traceability and actively disclosing information through factory tours and other programs.

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