Business overview

We provide high value-added products across a wide range of sectors, from household use and restaurants to deli counters, for school lunches and company cafeterias, focusing on staple foods such as frozen noodles, frozen rice, packed cooked rice, and frozen baked bread.

Frozen Foods for Household Use

Making food more convenient and easier, and bringing pleasure and enjoyment to the table.

TableMark's frozen udon are developed out of a desire for the whole of Japan to taste our delicious, authentic Sanuki Udon. They have undergone several improvements and now boast the No.1 market share. We conduct research constantly to develop delicious frozen food products for families that reflect market trends as well as consumer needs. The lineup includes our highly acclaimed “gottsu-umai” okonomiyaki and takoyaki series, which have earned the No.1 market share as well.

Frozen Foods for Restaurants and Other Public Facilities

Recreating winning professional flavors offering convenience, expertise, and marketability.

We use our special developmental skills and manufacturing techniques to meet the wide-ranging business needs of our diverse customer base. We supply new and high-value products that recreate the flavors of professional chefs.
As well as being easy and economical to prepare, our products are developed from unique perspectives to meet customer needs, such as a focus on children's health or products suitable for elderly people.


Quality to meet the demands of chefs.

Combining high quality with convenience and ease of preparation with variety. Our extensive range meets consumer demands for safe and delicious food, as well as the needs of the restaurants where our food is served.

Prepared food

Combining taste and convenience.

With the aim to deliver tastier, more enjoyable, and fresher deli counter offerings, we offer products that taste just as good over time as they do at the start, enhancing a product’s degree of completion by making the most of ingredients, across a wide range of sectors in the livestock, fisheries, and agriculture industry.

School lunches and company cafeterias

Enjoyable food for a healthy body.

From school to company and factory lunches, our cafeteria products are designed to meet the operation demands of large-scale production kitchens while taking into account factors such as nutritional balance, allergies, seasonings, and additives. Our products enable all types of cafeterias to provide enjoyable, pleasurable food for healthy bodies and minds.

Ambient Foods for Household Use

TableMark's delicious food products are the result of trustable ingredients and superior food processing techniques.

Our distinctive product lineup meets various market needs. Cooked in high-quality water sourced from the Uonuma area of Niigata Prefecture, our extensive range of packed cooked rice is loved for its convenience and longevity. Our non-fried cup noodles are a healthy option offering the consistency of fresh noodles.

An extensive packed cooked rice range to meet diverse needs.

TableMark's packed cooked rice is made not only with carefully selected rice, but with excellent water as well. It is produced in the Uonuma area of Niigata Prefecture, home to one of the best water sources in Japan. Since Uonuma is surrounded by a rich, natural environment and is situated at the foot of Mt. Hakkai and the other “Echigo-Sanzan” (Three Mountains of Echigo), it has an abundance of high-quality water. We use this natural, high-quality water from Uonuma across all of our production processes, from washing and soaking the rice to the actual cooking. We focus not only on quality but also on offering a wide selection to meet diversified consumer needs such as weight, textures, brand and location of rice production.

Wide-ranging support for our pioneering non-fried noodles.

TableMark's extensive range of instant noodles has won popularity among a wide range of consumers. Our instant noodles have the chewy texture of fresh noodles and use non-fried noodles to bring out the delicious flavor of the soup. Since the noodles are not fried, they are low in calories and loved by health-conscious consumers.

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